Our Snowy Lazy Christmas Break

posted on: 1.06.2014

I'm well aware that most of you have moved on past Christmas, New Years even. I guess that's testament to just how lazy our break has been, right? Our decorations are down yes, but I'm just getting around to resuming life as normal. I'm okay living in a two week delay in the name of days in pajamas, board games, hot cocoa, fires, and endless snow though.
Wyatt was working nights the week of Christmas, so it was a little lonely on Christmas morning, and the poor guy didn't sleep for more than 24 hours. We still managed to get in lots of board games, gingerbread making, snow playing, and Tate and I took a special trip to see the Nutcracker, which was a highlight for me. Here's a look at our holiday break at home...

I think this week I'll try to live not in my pajamas and face the reality that the holidays are over and it's time to get back to work:)

I hope you all had a lovely break & happy new year! 

something for> KIDS

posted on: 12.10.2013

Because if you have kids... or nieces, nephews, grandkids, this holiday really is about them right?
Their adorable lists range from simple and sweet to downright outrageous. I'll post Tate's later, it falls somewhere in the middle (the random middle). But I think we can all agree that it's a time where extra thought should be put into the gifts. Something under the tree that every other kid at school won't get. A total surprise to the child. Those are the kinds of gifts I love to give.
Here are my picks for Toys + Clothes for KIDS.

Something for HIM
Something for HER
Something for the Global Gal

Happy Shopping + Happy Holidays! xoxo

Something for: GLOBAL GALS

posted on: 12.05.2013

You know those friends you have who lead exotic lives? They travel, collect, have swinging hammocks in their house? Yeah, this guide is for them! It's why I chose my friend, Kera, owner of  the global textiles brand Interwoven, for this guide. 

Kera is one of those lucky women who's touch turns things into gold. She has a background in design, and her home has been featured in several magazines. You may have also seen Kera in numerous ads around the country, as she's also a model. I mean, really? It's kind of not fair. But, we love her dearly anyway because she brings us gorgeous textiles, and is one of most down to earth & hilarious people ever.
Now owning & curating Interwoven, Kera thoughtfully sources fair trade textiles for the home, made by artisans from all over the globe. She currently lives abroad with her family of five in Abu Dhabi, UAE. "While the Christmas season is very different in this part of the world, we are still excited to implement our childhood traditions into the season, while finding new ones to treasure with our family". 

Thanks Kera & Happy Holiday Shopping everyone!

A Christmas Tree Debacle

posted on: 11.26.2012

This weekend we would have ventured out to buy our Christmas tree. We haven't yet because we're having a hard time deciding if it's worth the risk this year with the boys. Does this mean we're Mr. and Mrs. Scrooge? Don't really answer that please. We did always have one with Tate, but gosh, it's so much easier to keep your eye on just one, and my boys are a whole different ball game. I'm not about to pretend they don't get left alone in rooms throughout the day. I don't have my eyes on them 24/7.
But I had visions like that mom above. Look how cute those little twin boys look getting their tree! I feel like I'm robbing them of a Christmas experience, and Tate. 

Keeping an open mind, here are some other ideas I've thought about. Will you give me your thoughts?
A mini 2 or 3 footer on our console table, that I could still light, and place in a cool crate like this one.

Same feel as this, but on a much smaller scale, also on our console, or kitchen table. The glass is really pretty.

A hand drawn tree on our chalkboard wall, by yours truly. No lights though?

A washi tape tree right on our family room wall where the tree usual goes? 
I could string my pom pom garland through the center.

Or do we just need to buck up? What do you all do with multiple small children?


posted on: 12.24.2011

It's officially Christmas Eve, barely. I'm cozied up on the couch, watching Love Actually with Boo, and it's finally snowing at this very moment in Michigan. 
It's the perfect start to Christmas Eve.

I hope you and yours are somewhere cozy, enjoying this beautiful holiday together.
Cheers to you all & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Shopping for You

posted on: 12.08.2011

I'm going overboard with my Christmas wish list. With Pinterest now completely taking over my life it seems my list is doubling daily. Greed is getting the better of me. But, if you're still wondering what you'd like, or need a gift for someone else, here are my tried and true favorite things! And no, sorry, I'm not giving any of them away.
These are what I use over and over and over again. They are what I would jump in front of a moving truck to save. 
They should no doubt be added to your Christmas wish list.

I asked for this for Christmas a couple years ago, and everyone thought I was crazy. A $140 blanket? Whaaa? One night snuggled up with this bad boy and you'll shoot yourself for letting your baby get all the good blankets thus far. It's probably my favorite thing I own. 

I'm going on my 4th pair. I get a new pair each year for Christmas, and wear them just about 365 nights a year. I'm not a soles-on-slippers fan, so these are more of an extra padded, extremely comfy, adorable sock. Trust me on this one.

I like glowing skin, and it's getting harder for me to achieve that look naturally (ugh!). 
This summer I was introduced to this product and now don't go a day with out it. I use it alone, on days when I don't have time for makeup, and it just perks my face up a bit. But, I love it under my makeup most. It brightens, smooths, primes, and gives the perfect amount of "dew" you want on your face. It's not cheap, but a little goes a long way, and I mostly use it on my under eye/cheeks only.

They aren't kiddin when they say theses puppies slim. Try them, and you won't want to take them off. And they aren't like the cut-your-circulation-off pants like Spanx or anything. They're super comfy. Maybe just give yourself these though, it might not go over so well if you give them to someone else.

I've used notepads, my mac stickies tab, but this little book has made it easiest for me. Plus, it's such a beautiful little book, I love having it out. It gives you space each day, for five years, to record something. I'm already loving to look back at all the funny things Tate has said.

6. Tocca Stella Perfume. Excuse me, Eau de Parfum.
It's heavenly, and not too expensive. I get asked all the time what perfume I wear, and this is it.
Although, if you ask Wyatt, he prefers this to anything else. So maybe go with the guys opinion?

7. Wanna know what the best candle is? This one. I swear someone comments on it every time I have it lit in my home. And, is it sick that it's comforting to me because it's how Anthropologie smells? Probably. In my defense, when I worked at the Santa Monica store it's all we burned, so maybe I'm psychologically associating it with my dream to live in sunny Cali. Anywho, more info than you care to hear about. Moving on.

And need I say it again. If you don't have this, you MUST get this
We use ours almost daily, and I'm convinced we wouldn't survive with out it.
A little secret too- You can get one that has been returned in perfect condition at the factory in Utah for a discount. That's how I got mine and it looks/works like new. I don't even think it was ever used, and still came boxed with a lifetime warranty!

Happy Shopping!


posted on: 12.07.2011

We got ourselves a tree. Not the charming cut-it-down-yourself style. Not even the go-to-a-cute-tree-lot style. Nope, we headed to a real special place called Lowes, bought ourselves a real, but pre-wrapped, tree for a mere $20, and popped that sucker up last night. 

Tate helped me with the lights, we all listened so contently to Frank Sinatra's Christmas melodies (is there anything better?) and drank Hot China, per Tate's request.
All day I heard "let's get our tree, listen to Christmas music and have hot china while we decorate it!"
She's talking about Chai. But Hot China is sooo much cooler, so we've changed the name officially at our house.

 This morning we woke up to the most beautiful fresh snow outside, watched Elf while the boys napped and finished off the rest of the decorating. I really do love this time of year!
If you're wondering, that's not a tree skirt. I've never had one, so each year I just use this crocheted blanket. Works like a charm.

 Tate was giddy about putting up this sock advent that my mom made us, but is still annoyed that we have to start on the 6, instead of the 1. Oops, bad mom.
But tonight I've filled them with goodies from Trader Joes and am crossing my fingers the treasures inside will make up for the six lost days.

Happy Holiday cluttering decorating! 

December in Review

posted on: 12.31.2010

Whew. It's been a month. A very busy, very sick, very fun month.
I feel since I have only 7 hours until 2011, I had better end 2010 on a good blogging note.

I don't feel guilty, only bummed, that I've let it go this long. I really do love blogging. But with an impromptu trip to Disneyland with my best friend, welcoming & moving Wyatt home from Dominica, moving to our in-laws, the flu for me, then the flu for Tate, buying a car, preparing to move to Michigan, and all those fun Christmas festivities, I feel justified in just forgetting about this blog for a bit.

I'm determined now to get my gusto back!

So, here's a very long look at what December brought to us...

First up: 
Disneyland with Cass & Becks

How cool is it that my best friend, whom I haven't lived near since the summer we married best friends almost 7 years ago, won 4 free all-inclusive tickets to Disneyland right before Christmas, and invited me and Tate as her +2?! 
We had an absolute ball, the two of us, alone with our two kids, and 3 kids growing in our bellies.
It was a trip we'll never forget, and once I get her professional pictures, it'll get a post of it's own.

I'm not a Disneyland freak, I like it a lot, but I don't need to go every year. Although seeing how they completely transform the park for Christmas was really cool!

 Tate and Beckham, or "becks" as Tate now calls him, were in pure kid heaven- with each other, with every ride, treat, parade... the whole thing. 

 With out a doubt the highlight of the trip for Tate was the car ride- Autopia. 
It was all about Autopia, every day.

Yes, she is laying in the street, waiting for the parade to start.
It was day 3, Cass had already left on her flight home, so a giant lollipop + laying in the gutter seemed perfectly acceptable at that point:)

Picture her saying "Woody!!!!", in her coolest, sort of manly voice, as Woody from Toy Story came around the corner.

Love her.

Next up:
Tate's preschool Christmas program
 Not much to say here. The finger in the mouth, and blank stare was all we got for the solid hour.

Wyatt finally got home & Tate couldn't wait for him to take her
Ice Skating

Truly, I think she may have been more excited about this than Christmas.

 How cool are those tiny ice skates?!

To be totally annoying, Tate was awesome, and caught on quite fast! 
It was just really fun to teach her something, see her catching on, and be so happy about it.

 After about thirty minutes she decided she wanted to go alone, not holding hands... and did so good!

 Don't worry, I'm all over enrolling her in ice skating lessons in Michigan:)

Christmas Eve 
It came and went too fast, but as always, so fun to spend the night cozied up with family.

 Pajamas were given, food was devoured, charades was played, and the kids had a ball.

Then we slept, and woke up bright and early... Santa had come!

Christmas Morning
 Tate was thrilled that Santa brought the only two things she wanted: a Spiderman watch, and a long Rapunzel book.

Of course, Lightning, Dinoco and Chick Hicks made the stocking.

After we opened Santa's gifts, we headed over to my parents and Tate surprisingly held Ella & Gracie's new puppy, Chewy.

 Two days after Christmas we bundled up and drove 2 hours North up Blacksmith Fork Canyon to

It was something my dad heard about and thought sounded fun for the kids, and it was! You take a sleigh ride around the mountain and through giant herds of elk feeding. There were over 500 elk that day, and it was pretty cool to see.

Good idea Papa!

Not to go un-mentioned was the cousin snowstorm hot tub party...

And a family dinner for my moms 38th birthday!

Okay... I have 1.5 hours until the new year. I'm off to drink some Martinelli's and play Balderdash with the Horsley's.
I feel good about 2010 now.

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